Lindt Lovers

by baggingbargains

Yesterday I was in the City and came across a bargain that I have to share with all the lovers of Lindt chocolate out there! Mmmmm Lindt is my favourite brand of chocolate. Woolworths at Town Hall (George St) are selling the Lindt Lindola boxes of chocolate for $6! A box of these would usually cost around $16.00, so of course i had to bag this bargain!

Why are they so cheap? They’re discounted by $9.50 because they are best used before 30/09/2013. That’s two weeks away, theres no way this box is going to last more than two days haha. I never buy myself a box of chocolates, usually only a bar or block so this was a nice treat and they are definately worth the $6.00…just wishing I bought more now. The box is an assortment of many different chocolates filled with caramel, praline, macadamias and more. It also has a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but i even like Lindt’s dark chocolate.

I was given a Lindt Lindola box of chocolates for the first time a few months ago as a thank you gift from my Prac Teacher so i knew what i was getting for my $6.00. That’s also why the picture has a thank you card in it, the box i bought yesterday was half gone before i could take a picture of it, you can’t leave chocolate lying around in my house!

Original Price: $15.50

Bought Price: $6.00

Until next shopping spree, enjoy! x