Obsessed with Guess

by baggingbargains

Rightfully so, my first post is about a Guess handbag. Handbags have and always will be my first love. They come in so many shapes, sizes & colours and they complete any outfit. My favourite brand is Guess, i’ve always called Guess ‘my brand’ because my name starts with G. Guess handbags are stylish and beautifully designed. Each style of Guess bag has a patterned lining which adds to the look of the bag.

When i go shopping, i can never go past Strandbags without going in (even if I don’t need anything!). On Friday I spotted this Guess Hazelton bag on special and splurged, i fell in love with the colour. The tag said the colour is red but really the bag is orange. It looks fantastic with an on trend monochrome outfit! I know this because I used my new handbag the first chance i got, which was at a birthday on Saturday. I am very indecisive and i carried this bag around the shop for a while weighing up whether or not to get it but i’m glad that i did, no buyer’s remorse whatsoever! The bag was on sale for $99.00 and I had a $5 voucher from my Strandbags loyalty card.

P.S. The lining inside this bag is Leopard print

Original Price: $159.00

Bought Price: $94.00

Until next shopping spree, enjoy! x